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Land Surveying Services

  • Boundary Surveys

    From 1 acre (or less) to 1,000 acres, we’ve got you covered.

  • Topographic Surveys

    Detailed topographic surveys set the stage for where a project goes.
    We provide a detailed topographic survey that includes more than just shooting the obvious. Because our surveyors directly support engineers and engineers review the survey documents, our topographic surveys include the subtle information that is critical for decision making.

  • Construction Staking

    Utilizing the latest in GPS and robotic technology, we provide quick and accurate turnaround for your project.
    We realize how critical quick turnaround in construction staking requests are, which is why we give priority to construction staking so crews don’t sit idle.

  • Final Plats

    The last step before the project moves into the vertical stage, we provide all the services required for a Final Plat.
    And because we have both engineers and surveyors together, we can provide all the services required to get a Final Plat approved, including the post-construction stormwater management analysis and survey.

  • Deed Research

    Looking to see what the history of a piece of property is?
    We can provide thorough deed records research either in support of a survey we’re providing or for your attorney for a piece of property you’re considering.

  • Post Construction Surveys

    End of project surveys to know what you’ve got and to provide your lender with the required survey to move from a construction loan to a mortgage.
    Our experienced survey team can provide you with the post-construction survey documents you need for closing out your construction loan.

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

    Providing you and your attorney with a detailed and thorough survey.
    Our years of experience in providing ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys provides for a smooth coordination with your attorney and review of the title package.

  • GPS

    Utilizing the latest in GPS technology.
    Utilizing the efficiency and accuracy of the latest in GPS technology, we can provide you with more information in a shorter amount of time.

  • Right-of-Way Surveys

    Need detailed information on an existing right-of-way?
    Usually not an easy task, our survey team can provide a right-of-way survey that you can have confidence in.

  • Utility Route Surveys

    Installing a new utility over a long route?
    A long, linear topographic survey, our utility route surveys are thorough and accurate with the information critical for decision making in new utility location.