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Our land planning services provide a comprehensive set of solutions to make your project successful. Below is a sample of the services we provide.

Land Planning Services

  • Subdivision Plans - Commercial & Residential

    Start with a land plan for your project that includes a thoughtful approach to both the aesthetic and engineering considerations.
    With decades of experience in land planning commercial and residential property, we bring the experience of the three most critical components to a successful project: aesthetic, engineering and surveying. By combining these three components, we prepare a realistic land plan for your project.

  • Rezoning Assistance

    Looking to acquire a rezoning on your project? We can provide you with assistance and guidance.
    In addition to the usual requirements of a rezoning, such as a survey of the property and a land plan, which we provide, including an engineer in the rezoning will assist you in answering a number of questions about the property. Items including traffic, storm water management, grading and drainage – all aspects that are typical questions during the rezoning process.

  • Variances

    Variances range from the typical to the complex.
    If your project needs a variance, we can assist you with acquiring the necessary information and facts to support your request.

  • Special Use Permits
  • Tree Protection & Replacement Plans

    From locating the trees, to coordinating with an arborist to preparing the plan, we can assist.
    One of the more difficult aspects of a project now is the tree protection requirements. From knowing replacement values to identifying specimen trees and their impact on your land plan and overall project, we can assist you.

Full Commercial and Residential Development Services

Blue Landworks has extensive experience in commercial and residential property development. In all of our land planning projects we bring a blend of aesthetic, engineering and surveying services and considerations to the project to ensure that expectations and requirements are met and meet the needs of the end-user.